Founded in 1985 by former AP staffers, Feature Photo Service (FPS) began by mailing business-oriented photos to more than 200 newspapers. When the Associated Press approved the use of their satellite delivery service for commercial photo distribution, FPS became one of the first companies to transmit commercial photos. Now 1300 AP newspapers, magazines and other media in all 50 states have agreed to receive FPS photos. FPS also has an agreement with AP Archives where 30,000+ users in 52 countries (approx 70% in the US) look daily for images for their publications.

In an effort to further our reach and add additional value to our services FPS is proud to have NewCom a Mainstream Data, Inc., as our partner. More than 12,000 editors at over 2,500 worldwide publications go to NewsCom regularly to search for photos for their publications. In addition, FPS offers photo distribution worldwide via over 25 major news agencies.

FPS provides full photographic services and has more than 1,500 photographers worldwide available to photograph events, press conferences, corporate portraits and new products. PR and Wire-photography is our specialty. 

In 2005 we expanded our offerings to include video. We now have a vast network of video crews, producers and editors to cover virtually any video project in the US and abroad. From corporate videos, B-Roll, to Satellite Media Tours (SMT's) we've got you covered!

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